Seahawks roll into postseason

Here is a collection of the best staff and reader photos and comments from the Seahawks' 2012-2013 season.
Curated by The Seattle Times.

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At Centurylink Field South Endzone

Reflecting back on the 2012-13 season. Looking forward to being back at the south endzone at Centurylink Field. Thanks for the memories! -J & G McCoy

Seahawk 12th Man

I made this last year in May out of a brick (paver)


Spencer Peeler, born October 1, three months premature, 2 pounds 1 oz. now over eight pounds. Big hawks fan, despite today’s result, here at the Seattle Children’s Hospital NICU, awaiting surgery this Tuesday. Go Russell Wilson!!

Tailgating at Twinfalls Middle School (TFMS), North Bend, WA, with Mt. Si in the background. TFMS broadcast the football game in the Commons room for all students to enjoy. Go Seahawks! Submitted by Frank (Dad) and Alex (6th Grader) Mendoza.

Here’s Russell celebrating in Hawaii after his WINNING season. Aloha,
Monica Chun, 5th Grade Teacher in Bellevue & 12th Wahine (women) Fans

Heidi Hutchinson is amazed by the super QB powers of Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson enjoying some skiing in Leavenworth.

We are a family of Hawks fans - but last week, I realized we didn’t have ANY Seahawks gear for our 17 month old daughter - Farah. In true fan-fashion, as any right-minded mother would do, I dressed her up as our favorite Seahawk … Pete Carroll. - Jessie Bennett

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